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World cup languages – Brazil 2014


Which languages are spoken in the World Cup countries?

This lesson is about the languages that are spoken in the countries involved in the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil. This year 32 countries (5 confederations) will participate on the tournament but this doesn’t mean that 32 languages will be speaking in Brazil.

The following languages will be present in the World Cup 2014:

   1) Spanish - Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay.
   2) English - Australia, Cameroon, England, Ghana, Nigeria, USA.
   3) French – Belgium, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, France, Switzerland, Algeria
   4) Bosnian – Bosnia and Herzegovina
   5) Italian – Italy, Switzerland
   6) Croatian - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia
   7) Greek - Greece
   8) Portuguese – Brazil, Portugal
   9) Farsi - Iran
   10) Russian - Russia
   11) Korean – Republic of Korea
   12) Japanese - Japan
   13) Serbian - Bosnia and Herzegovina
   14) German – Germany, Switzerland
   15) Arabic - Algeria
   16) Dutch – Netherlands, Belgium

Largest number of countries speak Spanish language – nine.

English and French are official languages in five countries for each.

In two countries there are three official languages - Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland.

In three countries there are two official languages – Algeria, Belgium and Cameroon.

The most spoken native language – Chinese will not be present in Brazil this time.

Portuguese are the only ones who will not speak a foreign language in Brazil. Тheir language is official there.

Which language will take the world cup this year? Nobody knows for the moment, but don’t forget for playing football you don’t need to speak foreign language. Footballers and fans speak their own language which we may call football language.

Word that unites all that exists in every language is GOAL.

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